Clean, sweep, polish.

Information Covid-19

Although we obviously did not wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to respect the basic rules of hygiene, recent events have forced us to redefine the notion of "cleanliness" within our establishment. Also, and to ensure the well-being of our guests as well as health security, here are our 6 golden rules now in force in our Villa.

1. Aeration

The healthy air of the countryside, the spring breath that fills the room when dawn comes. Soon the summer, it is there already lurked in the still shy rays of a sun that asserts itself. The air, therefore, that twirls and renews itself in our interiors. He is our primary concern, it is he we breathe, he whose quality we will ensure.

3. Use of a good disinfectant

In times of pandemic, can we distinguish the "good" from the "bad" disinfectant? In itself, a disinfectant disinfectant is understood and is already very

4. Items to be cleaned and disinfected

Door handles Switches Remote controls Tables Lamps Window edges and handles Guardrail Thermostats Keys Ramps Hair dryer Garbage cans Sinks Toilets Taps Showers Shower doors Coat hangers and hangers Night tables Offices Television

5. Washing fabrics at very high temperatures

All our fabrics (towels, duvet covers, pillowcases..) are washed at very high temperature. After attempting 600° and finding a definite loss of equipment in the washing process - as well as the personnel assigned to these tasks, we opted for a 60° which, in comparison makes it much more modest, but is nevertheless much more suitable.